High Five for Friday

Friday again.  Another week come and gone with lots of wonderful moments.  I am linking up with Lauren, as I usually do, to share some of those events with you.  If you want to do the same, link up and share your top high-five worthy moments of the week! 
One: Saturday morning breakfast with some of the best people I know; my sister, her husband, my friend Nicole and her boyfriend Jon.  I met Nicole in Rwanda and we lived and worked, day in and day out, to follow our individual calls to the people of Rwanda, mine in education, hers in midwifery.  She is a delight!  
Two: I got to spend the weekend celebrating my life-long friend Becca and her new husband John.  They got married in Mexico and had several events last weekend in Richmond so we could celebrate with them.  It was lots of family and friends and good food and drink.  Becca and I have known each other since birth and it was a joy to celebrate her wonderful marriage to John! 

(the professional photographer got the one of me with Becca, but here is me with mom and sister)

Robert and me

Three: I had a really sweet time of prayer and fellowship with my Tuesday morning prayer group girls.  Soon, two of them will be moving, so I cherish every bit of time with these girls spent with the Lord, seeking His heart and His will.

Four: I got together with three of my lady friends here to celebrate the recent accomplishments of our husbands.  They included acceptances to undergrads, masters, and internships.  It was a great night of celebrating our men.

(the menu)

Five: I get to go visit my family and celebrate both my sister's masters and Mother's Day.  It will be a weekend full of family and friends and I am sure it will wind up on my high five next Friday as well.

Have a great weekend everyone!  May it be restful and delightful and prepare you for another week!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful week of celebration! I hope you're enjoying your weekend! xoxo


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