High Five For Friday

And its May.  Which means its the month before Rwanda.  Which means I am very happy and anticipatory about time spent on 'The Continent' that captured my heart. 

I am linking up with lauren to share the top five moments or circumstances from my past week.
1.  I spent all of Sunday afternoon with this little love.  Simone is the daughter of my kindred spirit friend, Martha.  Simone snuggled up next to me and fell asleep on my arm.  It was a blissful time with a baby i just LOVE.

2.My mother has been here since Monday.  I NEVER get to spend time with her without an agenda and this week has been full of that type of time.  Granted, we made lots of fun plans, but they were all on our terms, not things that we scheduled in around a million obligations.  It has just been fantastic to spend time with her.  There is nothing that does my heart good quite like mama time. 

3. We went to the Radabaugh's house on Tuesday for dinner and were entertained by a Noah's Ark play.  The four kids made an ark out of pillows, bed rails, and cardboard and put on a very realistic play...Claude the dog playing the lion...of course.  Time with the R family always blesses my heart, especially since Melissa is my role model for being a wonderful young mother. They love the Lord and they talk about Him all the time...which I LOVE.
4. On Wednesday night my mama and I met up with some girlfriends for drinks and appetizers at a lovely restaurant right on the James River that overlooks the city skyline.  We watched the sun set, sipped yummy drinks, and ate what the menu called 'voodoo' nachos (which we decided involves us eating nachos in Richmond and someone else's nachos dying somewhere else in the world?...)  I have wanted mama to meet my friends for a long time, so this was a wonderful chance for her to put names and faces together. 

5. My friend Nicole, who I have not seen since Rwanda, is going to be driving through town tonight and staying with me tonight!  I am beyond thrilled.  Nicole and I went through so much in Rwanda together...asked big questions together, waited for big answers from God together, and just did life well together.  I CANT wait to see that girl in a few hours!

Take time to look back at your week and remember the really good things.  It will do your heart good and help you remember that you have it better than most people. :)