High Five for Friday

Hi reader friends. It is Friday and I am glad to have the chance to look back through my week and be thankful for the things I have experienced.  This week flew by, like they always do, but it was full of really good things.

Thanks Lauren for giving me the idea to look back and be thankful!


1.  I spent this past weekend in Delaware and Pennsylvania. On Friday night Robert and I got to visit some Rwandan friends who live in Penn. and their family who was visiting from Rwanda.  It was loud and crazy and there were kids everywhere and we ate real Rwandan food and laughed...and it was so good for my heart.  I LOVE all things Rwandan and it was such a sweet reminder of how much I love the way they do life together.  I am even more excited to go back to Rwanda this summer now!

2.  I spent the rest of the weekend with my one of my dearest friends Emily and her lovely family.  Emily has always been my soul mate friend and being around her just feels...right.  She and her husband constantly have the Gospel on their lips, and it is an incredible thing to spend a weekend with them.  AND they have two little loves who hugged me and squeezed me all weekend.  Emily has been one of my truest and most Gospel-centered friend since my first year of college.

3.  Our community group, which meets on Mondays, has decided to use one Monday a month for serving our neighbors instead of meeting together.  Robert and I were able to take our neighbors to dinner on Monday and it was a real blessing.  I am excited for getting to know them better and show them the love of Christ.

4.  I got to have a wonderful date night with my friend Martha on Tuesday.  We went to a fancy French restaurant for "cafĂ© et parler".  Martha and I are kindred spirits and she is good for my soul.  Robert always loves when I spend time with Martha because I end up being really convicted of my sin and coming home and apologizing for all sorts of things.  She is like iron sharpening me and she was certainly a high point of my week. 

5.  I have been doing a cleanse all week, which is really just eating a lot of fruits and veggies with a few other things.  I feel fantastic and I am actually excited about going off of gluten starting next week.  I have had stomach and health problems for YEARS, and I am really encouraged that maybe this could be an answer for me. 

I hope you are able to look back on your week and be thankful.  


  1. I love #3! My small group has been looking for more ways to do service together. I like the idea of reaching out to your neighbors. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better physically with the cleanse. Praying for complete healing for you love!! And of course I loved the pics of the beautiful Cross family :) xoxo love you

  2. Good luck going off gluten, I hope it helps you! I stopped eating it a little over two years ago, and I've never felt better! Your week sounds fantastic and full of friends. Happy Friday! :)


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