High Five for Friday

Oh, hello Friday.  Nice to see you again, and so soon.

I can't believe that we are already in the latter half of April.  Soon it will be May, and then....summer

I linked up with Lauren again today to highlight the top five moments of my week.  If you want to get on board the High Five train, follow the link to Lauren's blog and find out how!

Ok, drum roll please...

1.  Robert, Tonya and I spent the entire day on Saturday at the campus of the University of Richmond.  He got to attend mock class sessions, meet students and professors, and pay his deposit to reserve his spot for the fall term.  It was SO exciting to see my husband at my school; loving it 
and getting excited about becoming a UR student.  

I said to him "I am so proud of you honey". He replied, "Don't call me honey...call me spider"...

2.  I got to spend Sunday afternoon with my lady friends having an outdoor-in the 80 degree sun-with sangria-wreath making party...yeah it was awesome.  I had a such a lovely lazy afternoon with some of my dearest friends and it just did my soul good.

3.  On Saturday I finally bought our tickets to go to Rwanda this summer!  It is so exciting to actually have the tickets now!  

4.  I finished my semester of classes this week, which is always a relief...now for my summer term of online classes, to be completed from Africa and Europe...

5.  I get to see more Rwandan friends tonight AND my very dear best friend Emily and her lovely family.  I am SO excited to spend quality time with my soul-mate friend and just be...

High Five Folks! 


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