High Five for Friday

Hello all.  Its Friday again but I must say, I forgot it was Friday until I read my sister's High Five post.  

How could anyone forget it is Friday? you might ask.  Well, because I have been on Spring Break all week, and the days all ran together in one big blob of no-going-to-work-ness.


In fact, I am not all that excited that it is Friday, because it brings the end of my break.  BUT, regardless, I still have five great highs to share from my week!

1.  My wonderful smart fantastic husband got in to the University of Richmond!!!!! I am so stinkin proud of him and so excited to have my husband to go the same school that captured my heart!  


2. This past weekend was Easter weekend, which is my favorite holiday EVER.  I just love the Easter story, the truth of the gospel, and the chance to celebrate with those I love.  I had a great Easter.  Our pastor preached a fantastic sermon which you can, and should, listen to here.  He preaches wonderful, gospel centered sermons every week, and this one was no exception 

3. Elise and Adam came for the weekend, which was wonderful.  We grilled on Saturday night and then had a riverside barbecue with our dear friends on Sunday.  It was lots of good time spent with people who make me really happy.

4.  Robert and I went to DC this week to the Germany Embassy where he was granted his visa to travel to Europe which equals going to Europe on the way back from Rwanda this summer!  We bought our tickets and we are for sure going to Rwanda, Germany and Spain!!!!

5.  Two dear friends from Rwanda, who live in the US, are here visiting us right now.  As we speak they are making traditional Rwandan porridge in the kitchen (its taking all three of those guys to make what one woman could make alone...just saying).   Everyone is laughing and talking and jabbering in Kinyarwanda and I love it!

I had a great week off, I hope you all had great weeks too! 


  1. yay!! i'm so glad Robert got his visa and i'm so excited for you guys for your travels this summerrr


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