High Five

My sister Elise has been linking up with Lauren for High Five for several months now.  
And I decided I would follow suit and find five things to be thankful for every week.  
Elise is right, it is a good habit.   It made me all happy at my desk.


Here are my High-Five worthy moments of the week....

1.  I made these for events on Saturday and Monday and they were a huge hit. 
Thanks Pintrest for the never ending EASY ideas! 

2.  The boys beat Wake Forrest at home on Tuesday, giving DUKE a perfect record on the road, which never happens.  Go Duke!  (  And Tar the Heels on Saturday!!!!)

3.  Yesterday marked the beginning of March.  I always love March in general, but this one is setting itself up to be epic.  March = Spring is coming, my birthday (which I share with sweet Libby) is coming, Meghan and Kevin's wedding is coming, March Madness is coming, and my Boston trip is coming!  Top That! 

4.  I got to spend Saturday night with this crowd, whom I just adore.  We ate BBQ and pasta salad, drank bottled root beer, and danced to a Robert and Cal playing a hand drum-sax version of Party Rock for us.  
Oh, and a session with silly photos on Photo Booth, of course.  

5.  Tonight Robert is taking me out to dinner at a Thai place in Richmond!  We love to eat Thai when we are in Washington because the Thai food there is AMAZING, but we have yet to find a good place here.  Hopefully that will change tonight!  Yay for spending all day today thinking about dressing up and going out with my man tonight! 

I hope you can look back at your week and find Five Highs.  I bet you can!