High Five for Friday

I can not believe it is Friday again! 
 I am excited to link up with Lauren to share the top five moments of my week.


The time had literately flown this week.  Though it has been a quick week, it has certainly been a great one, and narrowing it down to five will be difficult.  

But here goes...

1.  I got to meet up with my friend Becky on Friday in down town Boston.  She has been my friend since college and we share the same heart in a lot of ways. It was a breath of fresh air to see her and talk with her about being a wife, being a true disciple, and just living life.

2.  I spent the rest of the weekend with Julie, Kristina, Avery and Peter (Kristina's Husband).  

K is about to have a baby in May! 

We basically put the following routine on repeat...

eat...drink...laugh till we cry...take pictures of us laughing till we cry...have intense conversations about God and life...

repeat with more intensity

It blessed my heart, my stomach, and my soul.

isn't she just gorgeous?  

Avery helping me get a pedicure...

3.  When I got back from Boston, Robert took me on a date to watch the Hunger Games.  I am devouring the books, and I had been wanting to see the movie.  I was so pleasantly surprised with how good it was.  If you have not read the books read them.  Read at least the first one before you see the movie.  

Then see the movie!

4. My brother in law, Mugisha, is here from Rwanda right now.  We had not seen him since we left Rwanda in May of 2010, so it is fantastic to have him here.  We went to our friends house last night for dinner and had a great night.  We also walked around at UR a bit, which was beautiful.  It makes me so happy to hear Robert and Mugisha chattering in Kinyarwanda and laughing together.

5.  I get to see my cousin tonight!  Its only for a moment, but any amount of time with her is great!  Robert was playing this song this morning, which made me think of her, since her name is Cae.  

I hope you can find at least 5 things from your week that make the high five list!


  1. Love all your pics. Can't wait to see you soon sis!

  2. She is the best looking pregnant woman I have ever seen!! Gorgeous!

  3. Love this! And oh my gosh, isn't the hunger games so good?! I couldn't put the books down! Haven't seen the movie yet and am DYING too!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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