High Five For Friday

Hello Reader Friends.  High Five for another Friday!  I am linking up with Lauren to tell you my top five moments from this week.


1.  I spent my weekend on a UR college ladies retreat here 

It was lovely and refreshing and just such a blessing to get away and get some time alone with God and with some college women who have huge hearts for the mission of Christ.  Its a training center for missionaries who are going on the field.  
Its SO awesome!  

I also realized that I am so NOT as youthful as I used to be,
 and have no where near as much energy as college girls do!

2.  Tuesday was my birthday and I got totally spoiled.  My friends made me this birthday breakfast and showered me with love first thing in the morning.  It included sausage, coffee, scones, strawberries in vanilla-rum-maple syrup cream, and a strawberry white chocolate crepe cake.  Umm....Yum...

They also sent me to work with cards and a lovely packed lunch that included cake and a salad with avocado, fruit, and goat cheese! 

3. On the night of my birthday I was blessed again by a lovely back yard party at my friends' house.  I do not really have photos yet, but the night included music, wine, amazing dessert (including Irish Car-Bomb Cupcakes, homemade raspberry sorbet, and banana pudding) sparkly lights hung in the air, couches to sit on, and lovely weather to enjoy.  AND of course, some of my dearest friends.

 this is us with creepy eyes...

4.  Mama sent me birthday money, with which I bought the following pants and shorts during a crazy sale at Ann Taylor Loft...

(no, those are not my legs...I wish)

5.  I am on my way today to Boston to see two of my dearest friends in the WHOLE world, Kristina and Julie, whom I have known since elementary school.  This is a picture of us with one more friend Brittany in the purple, who can't join us :( . Julie will have her sweet baby Avery with her, and we will celebrate Kristina at a baby shower for the one she will welcome in May!

Take time to think of five high-five worthy events from your week.  Trust me, if you live in America, you have at least five that most people will never get to experience...