High Five For Friday

Its Friday again, so I'm linking up with Lauren to share my 
five high-five worthy moments of the week! 


1.  I got to spend Saturday with some of my dearest friends at a wedding for some more of my dearest friends.  We were at the beach, it was beautiful, and sunny (and oh so windy) and the reception was in a pier house over the water.  
So much fun, as you can see.

2.  My friend Martha made amazing scones at our Tuesday morning prayer group this week.  We put yummy jam on them and ate them with coffee, good conversation, and sweet time in prayer together.  Such a blessing. 

3. I got my birthday boots in the mail this week. I LOVE them, they are just so fun.  Yay for birthdays and boots! 
4. March Madness began, which I just love.  This year its super fun because my family are all in a pool together to see which couple can come up with the best brackets.  So, once again, even though we are not all together, we feel all together.  Agabas are in dead last at the moment, but that will all change...

5. I get to spend tonight and tomorrow with a bunch of college ladies from UR at a retreat.  I am leading some worship and speaking about the truth of who God is.  I am really excited and blessed to be involved. 

I hope you can take time to reflect on your high fives of the week!  


  1. Oh my gosh those boots look amazing. They are absolutely gorgeous. I am jealous.

  2. Holy cats, those boots are CUTE. Also, I sincerely love how many High Five for Friday ladies are into March Madness. We're going to have to do a bracket next year!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Julia that is a great idea! And we can all high five the winner! March Madness is so fun!


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