Its Saturday morning and I am sitting in Robert's man chair (he is still sleeping so he doesn't mind) and waking up a bit before I initiate the cleaning-packing-cleaning frenzy that is scheduled for today.  

And as I sit, giddy at the thought of FINALLY going to my childhood home tomorrow, I am reflecting back on the wonderful Christmas season I have had so far. 

This past week was crazy.  In a good way.

Since Friday night of last week, I have attended six Christmas parties, which I know is less than some, but alot for me.  And at each party I was able to celebrate with people I love and hold dear.

A few photo highlights....

1.  Party: Tacky Silly Christmas Sweaters 
Hosted by: The New Nelsons
Highlight: the fact that my husband Robert did not think any of the sweaters were tacky and may very well buy me one for Christmas.

2. Party: Cookie and Ornament Swap
Hosted by: Mignon
Highlight: we all got homemade cookies and ornaments from everyone, how could that not be fantastic?

3.  Party: Ornament Exchange
Hosted by: Megan
Highlight: seeing how crafty all my friends are and getting to take home a small piece of each of them!  Plus the menu was wine, cheese, wine, chocolate, and cheese. 

the baked brie I brought 

my collection at the end of the nights 

The ornament I made

4.  Party: Holiday Drop-In
Hosted by: Katie and Tim
Highlight: 'Holiday' Egg nog made by Laura Lee.....

5.  Party: Work party 
Hosted by: Norm
Highlight: Having everyone love my hors d'oeuvre

6. Party: Christmas on the Hill
Hosted by: Martha and Ian
Highlight: honestly, the whole party was a highlight, but I would say the funniest thing was Robert opening an umbrella inside the house while singing the umbrella song.  He almost took out some friends of ours.

one more baked brie, for good measure 

AND I have four more parties once I get home to WA!

I hope that you all have opportunities to celebrate this season and rejoice with friends at the coming of our Lord!