A Baby Will Come

My dear friend Melissa sent me this song this week and it has just stopped me in my tracks. 

It is sung by Emilee Cook and the lyrics are as follows…

The kings of this world
Have torn it apart
But we can take heart
A baby will come

To the hungry and meek
To those who grieve
To the broken, in need
A baby will come

We have known pain
We’ve felt death’s sting
God, help us believe
This baby will come

The angel appeared
Said do not fear
For peace is here
A baby has come

The advent of life
Let hope arise
We’ve our King and our Christ
The Baby has come

We’ve waited so long
God, for Your mighty arm
May our doubts ever calm
For the Baby has come

The proud will be low
The humble will know
They’re valued and loved
For the Baby has come

Cause the kings of this world
Won’t have the last word
That, God, is Yours
For the Baby has come



  1. Love love love. Send it to me?

  2. I got kind of excited about WHAT baby might be coming. ha. I get it now. ;)


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