Its a cold, clear Friday night here in RVA.  

Robert and I are comfortably settled in our little apartment after having taken a refreshing evening stroll.  

The rest of the evening will be made up of the following...

Trader Joe's Tortalini with garlic bread

Barboursville Chardonnay from my sister's wedding

Holiday Yankee candle burning

Christmas Music playing

Heat turned up and warm slippers on

I can't believe its almost Christmas again

And on this quiet night as I listen to my favorite Christmas hymns I stop to think about how quickly life goes by, and what a gift it is.  

And even more so, what a gift eternal life is.  

A perfect given by the One who invented selfless giving.

And I just hope that you are able to remember, as we enter a season of crazy buying and flying around, that the real celebration is not over gifts that come and go with time.

Its the eternal gift that will be for all time

Life and life everlasting

With our Heavenly Father



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