"International Arrivals"

I love LOVE love waiting for people at the International Arrivals area at Dulles.  
I was there during the weekend for about an hour waiting for Elise and Adam to come back from Italy.  I saw all of the following....

A woman arriving dressed from head to toe (including socks, shoes, pants, shirt, coat and hat) in the same shade of bright read.  It looked like she was 
dunked in a vat of dye.  

A party of about 30 Indians, men women and children,dressed in ornate saris and wraps and waiting expectantly with balloons, flowers and banners.  I asked one of them and was informed that they were all waiting for the same couple.  That's alot of love.

Children jumping up and down with excitement

Children falling asleep on parents, chairs and floors

Parents falling asleep on children, chairs and floors

Boyfriends, fiances and husbands waiting with flowers

Africans arriving in beautiful garments, speaking in heavenly accents

Lots of happy tears 

And Elise and Adam, arriving on cloud 9 after their honeymoon 

I love International Arrivals,  If you are ever in DC with nothing to do, 
go check it out!



  1. Haha, what about that little boy who busted through security to hug his grandparents. :)


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