Wedding Week

Nearly 24 years ago I was blessed with an elfish little baby sister.

She was my baby doll that I could dress up in princess outfits and wedding dresses.

She was my first (and last) hair cut client.

She played in American Girl Doll world with me for hours in my closet.

She was my little baby sister.

And she became my best friend.

She was my maid of honor last July.

And then last November, she got engaged to Adam.

And I am thrilled to my toes!

My baby sister, and best friend is about to be a wife.

 Adam’s wife.

Wedding Week here we come!!!


  1. :) Oh no, it MUST be wedding week, because I actually got teary eyed reading this. Oh the emotions!! Love you seeesta. See you, today!!!!

  2. I got chills!!! so fun you two!


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