Its Time for a Good Time

This weekend we are traveling down to North Carolina for the Neal Family Reunion.  My grandfather (far right) was one of nine brothers (eight pictured here), and all of them had good-sized families.  

None of them is still alive now, and the only wife still alive is my great aunt Bootsie.   She will be the matriarch presiding over the reunion.

I am so excited because, in general, Neals are a good way.

We laugh ridiculously hard

We have ridiculous amounts of fun

And we have ridiculous amounts of love for each other.

Family Reunion, here we come!!!


  1. Love the name Bootsie! And good use of "in a good way." :) Have a blessed time!

  2. Hey its Matthew Seidita, tried to find your email but could so I guess this works, sorry to interupt your blog but I would love to get those videos I thought they were lost to time. But if you could email them to me I'd be most thankful my email is

  3. Can't wait to see GB!!!! Oh, wait...


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