I have been quiet lately, I know.  
And it's not because I have had nothing to say, 
or because nothing interesting has happened.  

I have just been very busy and caught up in the roller coaster that is my life. 

Work has been crazy, so many ups and downs.

God has started to reveal bits and pieces of what the next few years might look like for the Agabas.

And my life from now till Christmas (which will be spent in the GIG!) is insanely busy and exciting.  I have so many things to look forward to, including singing in three weddings, three good friends having babies, a trip to Delaware, a bridal shower for Elise, a Family Reunion, MY SISTERS wedding, a marathon (you know am not the one running it) and Thanksgiving.

So I am just writing to let you all know that even though I might be quiet, there is plenty going on!  


  1. YAY for all of these things. Especially you running in your first marathon!!!! You know I'll be there with pom poms and bon bons. Oh, and we are going to G-Mom's for Turkey day right?


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