Mile Marker 1

So, as I see it, life is full of milestones. 

And mile markers.

Some people live only a few short years, and then are taken away.

Some people live their whole lives alone, and never really enter into meaningful relationships with other human beings.

And then there is me, who has, as of yesterday, already been blessed with an entire year of marriage.

I Thank my God

On July 24, 2010, I was blessed to marry Robert, my wonderful, wise, goofy, Rwandan, running man.  
And we have had quite a year.

In just over one calendar year, we have...

 moved to a different country (America), 
gotten married, 
rented our first apartment,
 joined a church, 
begun school, 
signed teaching contracts, 
run races, 
taught classes, 
learned to cook, 
learned to listen, 
learned to live.

Learned to love.

We are so thankful for a wonderful first year.  
And, as the pastor who married us very eloquently said...

"Weddings are not that impressive; these days anyone can get married.  Anniversaries are impressive."

So here is to # 1!

Here is to the beginning of year number 2!

And here is to knowing that God will continue to transform us both, so that we are no longer the people we once were.

beginning of year one!

beginning of year two!