A Week in Photos

Time Magazine has often published its 'A Year in Photos' issue.  

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am tired.  I just sat down for the first time all day. I am watching Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time, and so, instead of writing a proper blog post, (I only said proper because I am watching adorable British people say things like that on the screen currently) you are getting my 'A week in Photos' post.  

                       So, here is Easter weekend through this weekend....
      At the farm


                                                                     Easter Brunch
Radabaugh Kids Easter Play

Surprise Visit from Jessica

                                                             Elise’s vintage shower

Matron of Honor Ribbon


I hope pictures of your week represented sweet and lovely things! 


  1. "Made of Honor" haha. I love all these pictures and I love that in your week of photos we were together in pictures from both weekends. You know it's a good week when that happens...

  2. I like the bride-to-be's fascinator.

    Fun photos, fun week/weekend it looks like.


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