Ain't Nothin Like...

There ain't nothin like...

1.  Being with your Mamma and Seester for the first time in months

2.  Seeing your Mamma's friend from college who you just LOVE

3.  Watching Duke win the first, second and championship round of the ACC tourney WITH your Mamma, Seester and brother in law (future)

4.  Helping  Seester and future Brother in Law make WEDDING DECISIONS!!!

5.  Birthday shopping at Anthropologie with all of the above.  

6.  Eating Ethiopian food with all of the above plus Robert 
(this includes watching Adam eat, which was great)

7. Taking Mamma, Seester and Addo to church with us

Now, where is that Repeat Button?


  1. What a fun weekend. It went by too fast, and I did not see enough of Paul. The times we had were fun. Thanks Peggi for the great Condo.

  2. Thanks also to Charlotte for being the "other Mamma" on the night out.

  3. Seester and brother in-law (future) loved this weekend too. Miss you.


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