Isimbi Bug part two

Well, Isimbi is gone now.  After a wonderful week in warm, sunny Virginia, I put her on a plane back to the snowy cold north. 

We had an absolutely fantastic time while she was here.  Its always so easy for Bug to be a third wheel with Robert and me, because she was the very first third wheel.    She was there when we met, and has been a big part of our lives ever since.

A few highlights...  

Ethiopian food at an awesome place called Addis.  You should all eat there.  With your fingers.  Robert loved it.  The reason we went is because the three of us went to an Ethiopian place in Kigali right when we all first met and we wanted to duplicate the experience.  

On Sunday, at church, we were talking to friends of our who have been missionaries in many middle Eastern and Asian nations.  They had a Peruvian friend visiting, who lives in South Korea.  We then found out that she knows David, Robert's nephew, who also lives in South Korea.

Its a small world when  you are a Christ follower.  

This is Claudia, the Peruvian woman, and our friend Matt.
Isimbi also knows David, so she loved this too!

We went out to our favorite place for brunch.  Baker's Crust!  Handmade potato chips with mozzarella and bacon melted on.  
Burgers with eggs and cheese on top.  

We also watched two Duke games together. I actually explained the game to her, as she had never watched a game in its entirety.  She is now a Duke fan.  

Another convert!  

Being in Richmond, we also had to get a few pictures of the famous Civil War monuments that line Monument Avenue.  These are for you Mrs. B!

Robert E Lee

Stonewall Jackson

And then a fantastic dinner on the last night.  Followed by fruit sorbet, chocolate, wine, and a Jane Austin movie. 


She left yesterday and Robert and I are already missing her.  Bug, come back and be our friend!

my 'not happy' face


  1. I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful week together. Thanks for filling us in on everything!


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