The Event

Our lives are dotted with events that we will never forget.  You can all think of them, I am sure, if you only take a moment.  Obviously there are the big ones, marriage, birth of children, death of loved ones, first home, and so on.  There is never a day in our lives that we will forget those events. 

The event described below is NOT an event that I would put in this 'most-elevated' category.

However, in a category just below the one mentioned is where this past weekend goes for me.  And specifically, my first time watching a game inside Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium.  (I have seen Duke play one other time, but it was in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament in 2005). 

Now, for those of you who do not know me personally, this might be new news for you, but I have been a born and bred Duke Basketball fan my entire life.  Literally since my first year of life, my father decided that his offspring would be Duke Fans, and so I set the standard.  I have watched hundreds of games, re-arranged my schedule to fit THE schedule, cried, sweated, laughed and loved. 

It’s been a wonderful relationship.

My siblings, also not given a choice in the matter, followed suit and have loved Duke since childhood.  In fact, they have both attended Duke for some portion of their education.  Our childhood was marked by countless afternoons and evenings, gathered around the TV, watching our boys, and more importantly, THE coach. 

So, this past weekend, an experience occurred that I have been waiting for my entire life.  Not only did I get to watch a Duke game.  And not only did I stand in the third row of the student section.  And not only did I waltz right in because I had an official Line Monitors jacket on. 

But I got to do all of the above with Elise and Paul. 
 It was Epic. 

Being a Crazy has been a life long occupation for me.  And, for the first time, I got to cheer for my team with hundreds of fellow fans.  (the one game I had seen before was in Charlotte and Duke fans were scarce, as UNC was also playing a later game and claimed the majority of the populace).  I remember thinking as a familiar chant was started that I have only ever yelled the chant at my TV, and now I was yelling it to players who can actually hear me. 

It was fantastic and I am so thankful that my brother took care of us and made this weekend possible.  I hope that, sometime in the next two years, this could happen again. 

No, it was not my wedding day, and no I am not a proud parent.  But it was a big day for me, that is for sure.

Go Duke!!!


  1. I don't know...I'm pretty sure I was more excited when I went to my first game than I will be at the birth of my first child...

  2. As I recall Elise, you had some pretty bad abdominal pains the day you saw your first game in Cameron. Just sayin'


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