The Runnin' Man

I hate running.  I always tell people that I only run if being chased (and even then, chased by something that could do me significant damage).  I just don't like it.  Yes, I can stand it for the sake of fitness, as long as I have an I Pod, but I just don't like it.

My husband, however, is an East African Running Machine!  He just began running in August and already it has become a huge hobby and focus in his life.  He has a running partner/coach, named Steve, who has been challenging him weekly.  He has a wide variety of running clothes and shoes thanks to generous Christmas gifts from various people.  He has run several races already, and has done so well.
I am really proud of him.

The funny thing about it is that he is just really fast, has alot of endurance, and he never knew it!  During the first race he ran, he placed first out of about 45 runners.  (His coach came in second but Robert consoled him that he was, at least, the first white guy ;).  

I was waiting at the finish line shouting 'that's my husband' at the top of my lungs.  I was so proud!

 And then, on New Years Day, he ran a personal best at the First Day 5k, and placed 21st out of 413 runners.  I was also really proud of him for running this race with shin splints and while feeling a bit under the weather.    ( I would have stayed in bed). The funny thing was that when the results came out, they somehow had grouped Robert in the category with the 85-90 year old men.  So, as you can imagine, he blew the one other racer in that category out of the water.
That's my old man!  

pinning on his number!

The homestretch!  

A proud wife!

He is now training for a big 10k here in Richmond this spring and the Richmond Marathon next fall.  Additionally, he is going to hop in and run the last 12 miles of his coach's marathon this spring.  I just love watching him run and get so excited about it!  

He has running for the body and chess for the mind.  
He is a pretty happy guy.


  1. I love it that you opened up the opportunity for me(or rather, gave me the courage) to also yell, "That's MY husband!" at the race as Steve crossed the finish line in second place. ;o) It was really fun.

  2. Adam and I want to take you two on in a running relay. Winner has to buy the other one twelve tubs of gelato, new wool socks, and a weekend in Savannah. We on?

  3. I would participate in this only because I know you two would be the winners. No matter how fast Robert is, he is not fast enough to make up for me! Savannah here we come!


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