I just had an ideal weekend.  It was already destined to be a great one because we had time with the one of our favorite families scheduled for Friday night, and a small dinner get together with a few couples on Saturday night.  Little did I know that, in the early afternoon on Friday, my sister would call me and ask if she and Adam could come for a visit, right then.  I was just floored that, after how hard we have to coordinate to get even a  day together, they two of them wanted to drop everything and driving North for the weekend.  Of course, I said yes.

Claude the dog

Robert and liv reading

So, Elise and Adam arrived at the house where we were watching four of the best kids (and the cutest dog) in the world, and played with us for a while.  I loved this because this family is really important to us, and i loved having Elise and Adam spend more time with them.

Then, we stayed up late at our house playing games and laughing.  A big breakfast got us through the next morning and then Elise and I were off to shop for the dinner party and do a bit of 'Bridal' stuff.  We threw dinner in the crock pot and raced off to another favorite family's house to watch Duke beat UVA.  This was wonderful after, well never mind we won't talk about last Wednesday's game...

Elise and Robert

After Duke, we spent a quiet afternoon at home hanging out, and then our dinner guests arrived at 6, making our party of eight.   I had made spaghetti, Martha and Ian brought salad, Jon and Amanda supplied bread, and Ado and Elise supplied the good drink ;).  In short, we ate a ton, laughed a ton, and had a ridiculous amount of fun.  Robert and the guys played chess (notice that he is sitting on his drum because we ran out of chairs), and us girls chit chatted the evening away.  I love that one of the girls, Martha, and I had a really serious conversation about being wives and the struggles with sin while everyone was a ruckus and loud.  It was great.  

At some point in the evening, consensus became piling into Myrtle (our minivan) and going to Krispy Kream.  Why you may ask?  I have no idea.  It just happened.  Before we knew it we were in line, watching the doughnuts on the assembly line, and preparing for a treat.  Robert, donning a Krispy Kream hat, then proceeded to go around to all the tables of patrons and thank them for visiting his store.  We were dying laughing/trying to swallow our cream and jelly filled treats.

Then, of course, we decided that doughnuts were just not enough, and so off to Kroger for ice cream.  As you can imagine, the night ended on a very hyper note.  I felt like a bunch of kids.  

The next morning, we were so blessed with an incredibly challenging sermon at Redemption Hill Church, and then had a fantastic brunch with Ado and Elise.  It is so great to be with them as they prepare for marriage!   We all ate well past our fill and retired back to the house for a few games before they hit the road.  Then Robert and I went to a beautiful MLK choir concert, followed by community group with all the crazies who we had been with on Saturday night.

It was an Ideal weekend, to be sure. 


  1. It is so heart warming to know that my girls and their men are sharing life. This is what I always imagined. I also imagined that I would be there too, though. What is wrong with this picture?

  2. I loved this weekend. And spontaneity. This much fun should not have been allowed. Thanks for being such a wonderful host. Can't wait for your visit down here. Bring that quicsporcle game.


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