A Green Gables Hankerin'

I have had the last two weeks off from work, since I am a public school teacher.  I have also been sick since the Friday, a week before Christmas, and have not ventured outside too very much.  
And, as a result, I have been watching alot of movies.  

Now, I am very picky about movies, as I try not to watch anything that openly upholds things which the Bible detests.  I am very aware that I am easily influenced by movies and music, and I am thankful that God has installed a filter into my heart and mind to keep me safe.  That being said, its HARD to find movies these days that I can watch and say at the end "yes, that is something that God would uphold", or "No, that movie did not champion sin".  Sex scenes are so common in movies now that it is difficult to find a movie without one, regardless of rating.  
And many of the movies that do now show sex, explicitly imply it!  

So, what is a girl to do?  

Well the answer is very simple, she should probably watch Anne of Green Gables.  

Anne of Green Gables is a fantastic series of movies.  And I'll tell you why...

1.  There is no sex outside of marriage, no implication of it, and no mention of it.

2.  Among the primary scandals are; Anne breaking a slate over Gilbert's head, Anne dying her hair green, and Ann accidently getting Diana drunk because she served wine instead of Raspberry Cordial.  

3.  There is no frivolous or recreational dating

4.  It is set on Prince Edward Island, which looks just beautiful.

5.  It uses phrases like 'what a kafuffle', 'feather brained ways', 'a romantic way to perish, for a mouse', 
and 'bosom friend'

6.  The love story, between Anne and Gilbert, takes all of four volumes to finally culminate in one sweet kiss at the end of the fourth film.  Now that is romantic.

I remember watching it one weekend with my dear friend Emily, and we melted off the couch at the final scene.  All four movies had been moving Anne and Gil toward that final moment where they finally unite, and its just worth waiting for.

I hope you can find some delightfully innocent films to watch as well.  I know these are not the only ones (I am also known to enjoy anything by Jane Austin and many sports films), but they sure do the trick!


  1. Please refer to #2. Anne is spelled with an E and she'd be quick to correct you on that.

  2. I remember Anne...
    Great childhood reading!


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