Presenting: The Thanksgiving Baking Extravaganza

Featuring: The Jordan Sisters

Also Featuring: Taste Testers Robert, Paul and Adam

Location: The ridiculously small kitchen of the Agaba household

Timeframe: One crazy evening

Special Thanks To: Butter and Sugar, without whom this wonderful night could not be possible. 

The Checklist...

Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie

Cranberry Chess Pie

Brown Sugar Rum Cake

Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip and Crasin Cookies

Corn Bread

Gingerbread Rum cupcakes

And, while we are baking all of this, we will also be making Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili and eating English Toffee from Traders! 

Don’t you wish you were here?

Hope your Thanksgivings are all full of good food and family and lots of Thankfulness!  


  1. Are those pictures of your actual baked goods or are they pictures from the cookbook? They look that pretty! Nice job Mrs. Agaba and family. happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  2. Actually, I am glad that I am not there. Thankful that my girls are doing all of the baking. I got the other things covered though.

  3. Ha, these are pictures of what we will make, from the recipes! But I am sure they will turn out looking just like this! And mom, if you were here, I am not sure where you would stand!


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