Looking Forward To...

I was writing on my dry erase calendar that hangs on my fridge and it occurred to me that I have SO MANY THINGS to look forward to in the next few months.  Let me share a few...

1. My parents are coming out from WA for the Thanksgiving Holiday and will finally come to church with me at Redemption Hill!

2.  My brother, sister, and Adam will be staying with us on our way to the Thanksgiving Extravaganza.

3.  I get to go to my uncle and aunt's 300 acre farm, which I visited every summer of my childhood but have not been to in 7 years.

4. The whole Jordan family will be getting together for Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house.

5.  Annual chili feed and Christmas Tree hunt with the Hickory Neals.

6.  Baking Yummy treats to take to all of the above.

7.  Lots of eating and laughing during each of the above!

8.  A weekend visiting Emily and Justin in DE.

9.  Visiting my dear friend CeCe while she is home from Spain in December.

10.  Having my sister and Adam stay at our house in December and exchanging gifts.

11.   Snow (hopefully)

12. Mittens

13. The Advent Season at Redemption Hill Church, always done so beautifully

14.  My first Christmas as a married woman with my new husband in our snug apartment.  The first of many times to marvel, as the Agaba family, at God's gift to us.

I hope all of your schedules are full of wonderful times with family and friends, and that each of those events causes you to be thankful again for the salvation we have been offered, and the love we share with each other.


  1. Awww this warmed me up on a chilly Boston morning... miss you Mrs. Agaba!!! xoxoxo.


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