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We just got back from our Thanksgiving Extravaganza and it was fantastic.  We baked, ate, laughed, played and watched sports.  I’d love to share a few photos and a list of the highlights in (chronological order).  I thus revert to good a good old fashion outline format…

1.     Getting another anonymous Trader Joe’s card in the mail.  Thank you so much!

2.     Elise, Adam and Paul came up from NC on Tuesday!
o   My first time hosting all three of them together!

3.     Baking with Elise in my tiny kitchen! 
o   Towers of butter (which got squished when things fell out of my packed little cupboard)
o   Flour everywhere
o   A few wrong ingredients here and there
o   Realizing that we have three bottles of Curry, and we don’t need any at all!

4.     Watching Duke on Tuesday night with my siblings!

5.     A day at our Uncles’ farm
o   Shooting (and me almost shooting someone accidently because I was so excited when I hit the target)
o   Fishing in the pond where I fished as a kid (I caught 7 fish and Robert added one for a total of 8 for the Agabas)
o   Amazing Beef Stew
o   Adam and Robert going for a jog in traffic orange vests to avoid being shot at by hunters

(That is a BIG fish)
6.     Going to Grandmom’s for Thanksgiving Day
o   18 family members
o   Watching football
o   LOTS of eating
o   Watching Elf
o   Lots of good laughs
o   Stories about big fish (which the men in my family never have to exaggerate about!)
 (The Master Turkey Man)

 (With our cousin)

 (Brother Paul)

(Adam and me taking a sneaky picture 'cause we were talking about the upcoming proposal)

7.     Visiting Family in North Carolina
o   Seeing the White’s on the way down
o   Yummy brunch with family and friends
o   Christmas Tree Hunting
o   ADAM PROPOSING TO MY SISTER (The announcement)
§  Me secretly following them and taking pictures from behind a Christmas tree, sap in hair and branches in face!
§  Getting to welcome Adam into our family.  Its about time!
o   Eating ice cream in Blowing Rock when it was below freezing
o   Chili Feed and Duke game
o   Christmas Caroling
§  Paul singing the wrong words to the songs right in my ear and making me laugh so hard that I can’t sing.  Example “And folk dressed up like mistletoe”.  Love that kid

8.   Buying 6 copies of Richmond Bride because there is a spread about our wedding in it!  So cool!

I could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving.  


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  2. OK...now I seriously can't even remember the right words to that song and will forever be singing "and folk dressed up like mistletoe." :)

  3. Thanks for your great description of the holiday.

  4. Love this post. Particularly #7 bullet 4.


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