Baking for Beginners

Before you even start reading, know that this is probably not going to contain any useful nuggets of wisdom, rather insight into the craziness that is baking in the Agaba household. 

The following are the list of things I have learned this week while baking.

If you are about to begin baking and your butter is not soft because you don’t turn on the heat in your house and it is thus the exact same temperature as an arctic tundra; place one stick of butter in each of your back pockets to warm them.  (hint, DO NOT forget about the butter and sit down).

Baking powder does not equal baking soda.

If you are baking pumpkin bread as a gift for your wonderful pastor and his wife, make sure you REALLY grease and flour the pans so that you wont pull them out of the oven and find that the bottom of the bread wants to stay living in the bottom of the pan.  (you then have two loaves of bread that no one can eat but your husband, which he is not complaining about, but I am).  Putting the bread on the counter and shouting ‘poo’ at it for a few minutes helps with the anger.

Use deep mixing bowls, cause otherwise you have a pumpkin/sugar/butter design on your sweater after approx 2 seconds of mixing on a ‘low’ speed.

Giving up sugar the week you go on a baking frenzy is never good, because you can’t taste anything you are making and make sure it is good
 (again, my husband is not complaining about this because he gets to try everything, but I am).

Taking baked goods to your Bible Study and having people say things like “Oh man, good banana bread is SO good, and this is good banana bread” can make it all worth it!

More wisdom to come as I keep baking…


  1. Hahahaha! Laura this is my favorite post of yours yet. So adorable.

  2. soo fun! You are adorable. Loved this!

  3. I hope that Peggi recognizes this kitchen, because it is likely to be the same one she had when she was at UR and lived at Crestview. (These are the remodeled version of those lovely ones of the 70's. Laura you make me feel really inadequate. I have never had such baking skills.

  4. Hahahaha, you've always been a natural at baking...ever since the first box of brownies. Thanks for your nuggets of insight. I have so much to learn from you.


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