Quotes for Thought

Hello readers,

I SO enjoyed just posting a list of things last week, so I am doing it again today!  Today’s list is going to be some of my favorite quotes about God, The Church and the Christian Walk and Christ-established morality.  You may not like all of them, and some might make you uncomfortable.   I hope these convict you and make you think like they do me whenever I read them!   I heard most of them at our fantastic church, Redemption Hill.   Some are from the Ligonier Conference that I mentioned before, and some are just old favorites.   I’ll let you know who said them if I know.

*   “We may not yet see all things in subjection to Christ, but all things are under His subjection.”  Thabiti Anyabwile

*   "Wisdom begins with fearing God.  Folly begins with fearing the world"  R.C. Sproul Jr.

*   "When we attempt to build the church and bring about God's promises in our own way, we produce a dead church and other religions"  Buck Parsons

*  "There is a real difference between knowing the truth about God and enjoying it"  Chris Deroco

*  "God does not have a mission for His Church in the world.  God has a Church for His mission in the world.  Mission was not created for the Church, the Church was created for God's mission"  Christopher Wright

*   "Men so hate God that they are willing to deny the reality of their own existence before they would accept the reality of God's.   And men hate God’s will so much that in order to escape it, they will willingly deny that you can know anything at all to be true.  The only reason for the post modern argument that you cannot know truth is because it is a way to escape from having to submit to the truth."    Paul Washer

*    "To, for one moment, disobey God is a cosmic sin without hope of repair but by the grace of God"  Chris Deroco

*    "Humility is honestly assessing ourselves in light of God's holiness and our sinfulness"   Robert Greene

*    "Man, in all his 'knowledge', still owes his livelihood to 6 feet of topsoil and a God who makes it rain"   unkown

I have plenty more, and I think I'll do this again, but I think this is enough for you to chew on for a bit