Quotes for Laughter

Ok so Robert and I are staying with some children this week when their parents are out of town.  There are six kids (the parents took the other 2) and we are already having a blast.  Here are the best ones from today!

“My mom was in Wisconsin or Germany”  -Joe (6) when asked where is mom was in a photo in their house

“Hey Joe, we have to leave in like 20 minutes”  -Me
“ok, that’s in like 15 minutes right?”  -Joe

“When I am 100 then Ill be able to die” – Joe

“Your dad looks like the president of the United States” – Joe, while looking at a picture of my dad 

“Mrs. Agaba, Luke keeps talking to his shoes!” –Faith (5), from the back seat of my minivan as I am driving them all around

“Hi M&M, can I try you?” – Luke (4)

“Robert is taller than everyone ‘cept God” –Luke

“How does Robert get in the car?  He is SO big!” – Sarah  (9)

(to Robert) “You have a big mouth so you won’t get crumbs in the car” –Faith, explaining why Robert is aloud to eat in the car but the little kids can’t.

“Say something funny, like really funny, so we can all laugh”  -Faith, as soon as Robert got in the car.  

“Get me out of this car!!!”  -Robert after the conversations with the kids

I am sure there will be more, today was just the first day!


  1. Bahahahaa, kids are hilarious. And fun. You should have some.

  2. I should have what? some fun?

  3. I agree....you should have some fun with kids-of your own. soon enough ;)

  4. 1. They have 8 kids?
    2. Cute hilarious quotes- my fav is your dad looking like the president.

  5. yes they have 8 wonderful kids! They are SO funny


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