Quotes for Laughter Part Two

As promised, I have more quotes from these kids...

"I had a dream last night" -Luke (4)
"What was it?" - me
"I don't know...do you know?" -Luke

"Why does the sun like to follow us?  Does it want to make us hot?  Does it want to make us sweaty?" -Luke, while we are in the car and the sun is shining through the windows

"This is a very lot of traffic!  Why are all these cars following us?" -Luke

"Hey, I got a shot there once"  -Luke
"Luke, that is a launder mat"  -Anna
"Yeah, but still" - Luke

"Wow, that colds my butt" -Faith (5) as she slid down a playground slide

"Yeah, what are we having for dinner tonight?"  -Luke, (who is always hungry, sun up to sun down, no matter how much food he has eaten) as he is eating his third piece of pizza AT DINNERTIME

Kids are such a gift, they can bring laughter like nobody else. 


  1. Hahaha, please can you keep putting these up like everyday. You left out the one about Robert getting run over by a car. I NEED to meet this children.


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