Quotes for Laughter, the Final Chapter

So, as my friend pointed out yesterday, this has basically become quotes from Luke. Since today is our last day with the kids, I will write my last selection of quotes, all of them being from Luke...

"Luke, did you make your bed?" -me
"I'm trying to make my bed, but my bed won't let me" -Luke

"Hey Mr. Adaba (agaba), do you accent!" -Luke.  As if Robert has an accent that he sometimes 'does'.

As we are driving in the car passing various restaurants...
"Hey Faith, there's slurpys in there!" -as we pass 7 eleven
"Hey Joe, there's burgers in there!" - as we pass Burger King
"Mrs. Adaba, there might be fries in there!" - as we pass McDonald's

"Oh, hey I really want to go to that place!"  -Luke
"What place Luke?" -me
"That place, I think they have food!" -Luke

Hope you enjoyed!  We surely did! 


  1. I'm going to miss these kids...

  2. I want to see some photos of these kids.

  3. you are beautiful, love your dress!! congrats again, you are radiant!!

  4. I love the blog. Miss you guys


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