October 1st =

* My dear friend Adam's Birthday today.  Happy Birthday Adamfriendbrotherface (just kidding its your smurfday just kidding they you would blue and you can't be blue!  Its your birthday!)

* Rent is due today which, as Pollyanna would say, is great, because that means I can wait a whole month before paying it again!

* The month my brother and father were born, hence a family celebration in the mountains that I can't wait to get to!

* We are eating lots of Butternut Squash Soup, which Robert calls Squashed Squash Soup.  Thank you Trader Joe's!

* The month that has Midnight Madness at Duke, which we are going to!  Also can't wait!

* Its finally cool enough that we Virginians can STOP using air conditioning!  Thank you Lord

* There are pumpkins EVERYWHERE!  I hate Halloween, but I love pumpkin things ie: pumpkin pie, pumpkin pecan pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spread, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin scones, pumpkin spice lattes. Yep that's about it (Bubba Gump anyone?)

* I can wear my favorite (and only) fall boots!

* My students in Rwanda will be taking their national exams this month, so we are praying for them!

* Homecoming at University of Richmond and seeing lots of old friend!

* I can start listening to Christmas Music.  Yes, I start in October.  I have usually told everyone that I start at Thanksgiving, but lets be honest, its October for me (currently listening to "Go Tell it On The Mountain")

That's All folks


  1. Love this post. Can't wait to see you and do all of those fun things. I am paying bills too.

  2. No blue, just laughing at you...very sweet you are Lo. This is really the second time I've commented on your blog, but the first time it disappeared after I posted it. Reckon it got stage fright. There are always so many things to say, but for this one I will stick to thank you...October is Octubular, and that I never knew you started piping in Christmas music in early Autumn, but you've always been way ahead of your time. Just hope that little boy and his drum make it til December. Least we know your big one will. Missin ya both.

  3. You just about got it all. October IS a great month. Especially because it leads to November. I'll do the November blog. It will start with being the first Duke game, then then my birthday, thanksgiving, the farm, the fall, more pumpkins, more pie, basically, more of everything that makes October great.

    I miss you and get to see you in a week. That right there makes it a great month.

  4. Pumpkin cookies. helloooooo.

    I have a great recipe if you want it! Yay for fall!

    Keep posting. I enjoy it very much.


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