Sometimes you copy people and try to pass it as your own idea.  I, however, am shamelessly copying my little sister with her 'Happys and Sads', blog posting.  EXCEPT, I am in a really good mood, so these will just be happys!  

1.  Robert and I took pictures of each other playing in the leaves today! 

2.  While I lost my job this week, I also had enough random jobs to contribute to our income this week!

3.  Frozen yogurt when its freezing outside.

4.  A beautiful fall afternoon spent at the park with two adorable little boys playing football.

5.  Watching Anne of Green Gables with Robert for our Friday night movie and HE chose it because, before I even met him, my Rwandan, village-boy husband LOVED AOGG!!

6.  Pesto filled mini tortellini from Traders for dinner!

7.  Wearing scarves and coats!

8.  Its only a day away from Sunday, which means great fellowship and a fantastically challenging sermon

9.  A whole day, tomorrow, spent with my husband because neither of us has work.  While this may seem sad, we are thankful that we have a day to play together!

10. Having a blog where I can say what I am thinking and my friends comment on it

11.  My dear friend Christa (whose blog you should all read) wrote a post partially about me this week! Yay 209!

12.  Listening to Christmas music when the repair man comes and having him laugh at me 
(it actually made me happy)

13. My husband brought be flowers yesterday, just because he loves me.

I encourage you to think about your Happys! 


  1. Great list! I wish we had fall leaves around here, but since it's still in the 80s, no such luck :(. Yay for a whole day with Robert!

  2. Baahahahahahaha, you just added to my happys because I realized that you are a follower of your own blog.

  3. Great list. I love the fall season. I am so proud of your positive attitude.


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