Hair Envy, Blog Envy, Sister Envy 'In a good way'

Hello Readers,

This will be short and sweet, like my sister's hair cut.

Since day one of Elise's life, November 22 1987, I have had sister envy (in a good way, as Robert would say).  She was adorable, could wear her hair on the top of her head in a pony tail like nobody's business, could talk on the phone simply by holding it to her shoulder, had the biggest cheeks possible and still looked cute, look like an elf and still looked cute, and called me Wa Wa.

Now she has cute short hair, hence the reason I cut mine after a life time of long hair.  Now she has a fantastic blog, hence the reason I try to also be fantastic on my blog.  She is clever, hence the reason I try to be.

I am the older sister, but let's face it my sister is my role model.



  1. Haha, you are sooo funny sisterkindfriendface. I envy your smile, your singing voice, your story telling skills, your people skills, your heart, your courage, your legs, your squishy hands, your HAIR!!!! Also, most everything in your kitchen that I registered you for.

    Let's just agree to envy each other. Yeah?

  2. Wow Laura, you look EXACTLY the same...SOOO cute!!


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