All I needed were some students

Before I begin this post, I want to say thank you to someone.  A week ago I received a gift card to Trader Joe's.  I am guessing it was one of you, who read my post about shopping there and trying to make the most of our small income.  I am not sure who to thank, because the gift I received was anonymous.  Whoever you are, I just bought groceries today and used your incredibly thoughtful gift.  I am so grateful that God moved you to be generous, it has moved me to want to be generous as well.  

As most of you know, I am a teacher by trade.  However, I have not been able to get a job teaching in Richmond.  A few months ago, I saw a sign posted for ESL classes on Tuesday evenings.  I called to inquire about the classes and discovered that they were offered to any adults who needed to learn English and that they were conducted at a local Baptist church.  So, I called the pastor and told him that I wanted to teach.  Long story made short, I was given the Intermediate 1 class of twelve students.  I have 4 Mexicans, a Peruvian, an Ecuadorian, a Guatemalan an El Salvadorian, an Egyptian, 2 Cambodians and an Afghani (And I also have a Rwandan to come home to).  I teach every Tuesday night and I absolutely love it.  I realized, very quickly, how much I needed students.  I am a teacher, and teaching just happens when I am put in front of a classroom.  I was originally worried that I would not be able to teach such a diverse class without offending someone, but have been amazed as God has made our class a little unit, and even my tough Afghani student laughs at my jokes!  I am reminded EVERY TIME I TEACH that God is giving me all I need to do what He has called me to do.  

One quick funny story:  Last night I was teaching about adjectives, specifically weather adjectives.  I had everyone make a sentence describing the weather with one of the adjectives, and my Guatemalan student, Gilberto, said "My teacher is gorgeous".  That, of course, had the whole class laughing.  We are always laughing together and having a great time learning.  I am so blessed to have students to teach again and to be volunteering with people from other nations, which, of course, I miss.  

I many not be able to be in Rwanda right now, but I know that God will continue to give me people to teach as long as I am willing to serve Him in doing so.  


  1. Yay! You were definitely given the gift of teaching :). So happy you have been able to find such a great opportunity, and praying and another (paying) opportunity will come along soon!

  2. You were able to teach me how to play Sudoku and play worship songs (using chord sheets only) in a matter of minutes! I've had others try to teach me in a lot more time...and I never quite got it. THANK YOU! You ARE an amazing teacher. So glad that God has given you this opportunity. To Him be the glory! :o)

  3. What a great and rewarding experience!!

  4. Thanks for sharing about this part of your life. You are a natural and gifted teacher. I still remember how amazed and proud I was when I had the opportunity to sit in the back of your 11th grade History class when you were student teaching. You had every single student in the palm of your hand. God has great things planned for you.

  5. In answer to your questions on my blog:

    1. I almost did die the first time, it took a lot of building up!
    2. The chicken recipe is linked in the blog post :)
    3. They are by Philippa Gregory. I LOVE her stuff. Great historical fiction!


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