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Hello friends,

So, if you happen to follow my sister's blog (which you all should, you know that she wrote a recent post about a celebration at her local Whole Foods.  I spoke with another friend today who was also singing the praises of Whole Foods (another friend, whose blog I will make a plug for,  life's a dance you learn as you go).

Well, as much as I respect the opinions of my sister and my friends, I think it is about time someone wrote a blog post about the most fantastic super market in the country, and that is Trader Joe's...

Now, I have known about the existence of Trader Joe's for years, ever since my friend Sarah first introduced me to to Arizona Iced Tea, which you could only really find at Trader's.  I thought it was an expensive specialty store, and steered clear of it, which was easy to do because (at the time) our little town hardly had a grocery store, let alone a Trader's.

All throughout college, I never thought about it or heard about it because there was not one near campus.  And even upon my recent return to Richmond, I stayed away.  Until my dear friend Emily (who i went to visit a few weeks ago) started selling me on the idea of Trader's.  (in general, i listen to whatever advice or opinions Emily gives me, because she is INCREDIBLE)  She told me it was the best place to get really fresh, really inexpensive groceries.  I was a bit hesitant, but I went with her to do the shopping for dinner the night we were visiting.  I loved the interior of the store, and how beautiful all the produce looked.  And I started to notice that I was loving the prices as well.  When we got to the register, I was thinking in my head that Emily would have to spend at least 30 dollars...18.47 was the total.  I was floored.

The next time it was grocery day for me in Richmond, I went on my own to Trader's, on my first official shop there.  I called Emily as I was walking in, and told her that I had finally decided to become a Trader. I carefully selected everything I needed for the week and cautiously made my way up to the counter.  I was bracing myself, thinking "not more than 50, please not more than 50" as she scanned beautifully fresh item after item.  I closed my eyes ever so slightly, anticipating the total.  I heard a price "59.04" and thought it was at least somewhat reasonable.  Only when I opened my eyes did I realize that another cashier had read the number, and my own cashier was yet to announce my damages.   "33.45 please mam" came from the friendly woman behind the counter.   I looked hopefully up, practically fighting back a tear or two... Amazing.  I called Emily immediately upon exiting to share my good news!

Now, I know some of you think that I am being dramatic, but lets be honest.  When you are newly married and neither of you have steady jobs, saving money is really important.  When you are a new wife, you want to be able to cook good meals for your husband, especially when you are a wife that comes from a family of women who know their way around the kitchen (as mentioned in previous blogs, my mother and sister are fantastic with cooking and baking).  Trader's is the perfect meeting of the two; low prices and fantastic food.

I hear by pledge my grocery allegiance to Trader Joe's.  
And if there are any of you out there who think like I once did, I hope this has changed your mind!


  1. I'm SO excited to be moving to an area that has good grocery stores! I'm sure I'll be at Trader Joe's a lot :)

  2. I am so excited that you will be moving to an area that is CLOSER TO ME!!!


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