A Fantastic Fall Weekend; Refreshed and Renewed

 Hello everyone.  I have many things to write about today.  Robert and I just spent a weekend with our dear friends Emily and Justin and God used this time to refresh and restore us in so many ways.  And, as you saw in my last blog, we really needed it.  We spent the entire weekend eating amazing fall foods (pound cake with pumpkin whipped spread, pumpkin bread, corn bread, and apples!) and delving into God’s word with some of the dearest people in our lives. 

Emily and I spent Saturday morning drinking coffee at a local coffee shop, crunching on fall leaves with Selah’s stroller, and enjoying the beautiful weather!  Robert and Justin spent the morning running, as in a half marathon, for fun, by themselves… Now, I may have confused a few of you, the concept does not make sense to me either; they ran a spontaneous 13.1 miles…for fun.   Whatever makes them happy I guess…  Em and I spent the rest of the day with Selah and playing a board game we love, while the boys alternated between MORE working out, and chess.  They were working their bodies or their minds all day.

In the afternoon, we took a break and went Apple Picking at an orchard near Justin and Emily’s home.  It was such a lovely day and Selah was thrilled to run around in the orchard.  The guys played baseball with the rotten apples and Emily and I shared fond memories of our last apple-picking adventure, when we were in college.  It was so wonderful.

We also spent some great time eating and talking about the Bible.  Em and I made lots of food over the weekend, and most all of it was eaten.  Homemade pizza on Saturday night was a huge hit.  We sat on the porch and enjoyed the cool breeze and just fellowshipped.  I can’t explain how refreshing it was.

We are back in Richmond, working a lot (me Nanning almost 40 hours some weeks, and also tutoring and Robert working at several different houses and at a law office), and enjoying the new spirit of life that has been breathed back on us.  God is so faithful and always knows exactly what we need. 

I managed to perform my grandmother’s sour cream pound cake and it was fantastic!  I’ll be attempting apple pie with all these apples, and I am sure you will all hear about it!    


  1. Mmmm, pound cake and apple pie. Yes please. :)

  2. I am so glad that you experienced this renewing weekend with Justin and Emily. Friends like them are a real treasure. I made a cream cheese pecan bourbon pound cake yesterday for book club. Yum!!!!!


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