July 17 
Today was a very big day.  We woke up and had a leisurely breakfast of porridge and bananas and milk tea.  Then at around nine a seamstresses came to measure Eden for a few dresses I am having made.  Then she and the girls played happily all morning until it was time for a nap. I got to sit and talk with my sister in law, our hostess, Usta.  I really enjoy her and her hospitality has been the most encouraging thing.  I also got to chat with Robert for about 15 minutes, and I was reminded again how strange it feels to  be here without him.  

Eden and I got ready for the wedding and waited for uncle David to pick us up.  When I put on her umushanana my heart was so full. Wearing umushanana is the epitome of being Rwandan, so seeing her all dressed up just filled me with such joy. And she seemed to understand how special it was and was simply glowing. 

I was anxious about today, knowing the incredibly high amount of pressure that would be on Eden to turn out a winning performance. So many important people that we love dearly were at the wedding and I wanted them to see the real Eden.  But I also know that, while they all know her from social media, she does not know any of them...at all.  My worries were quickly assuaged when she wanted to hug and kiss nearly everyone and was the most delightful little thing for the entire time we were there. She had a few moments of being overwhelmed by the attention, but was mostly just 
wonderful.  She especially enjoyed Olivier, Max, Kirsten, and Oscar.  The bride was gorgeous and we were so pleased to be able to attend.

It kept occurring to me over and over that Eden was meeting some of the dearest people that Robert and I love.  And she could not possibly know the significance of meeting all of them. But for me the moments were huge and weighty and just washed over me all day long.  This is OUR Rwanda, these are OUR people here, and now they are hers too.  And honestly it's just the best.


  1. I'm dying over those pictures of Eden..! And you look beautiful


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