when climbing inside the dryer seems the only logical response

im all for winter.  i love a good snow day.  or two.  or three...

but come on now people, this winter has been absurd.  polar vortex?  try BIpolar vortex.  no wonder that movie frozen is such a big hit this winter, EVERYONE can relate to it.

im over it, im done with it, come one, come all and fight back against the cold!

yesterday i was taking clothes out of the dryer and the thought crossed my mind as i reached my whole upper body in to get the sock in the back corner ...'what if i just crawled inside here, and stayed?'

anyway, spring starts on thursday and the way i see it, spring means spring right?  so no more snow.  ok?  

this past weekend eden was sick and she snuggled in bed with us for a few extra hours. staying in bed is what im all about these days.  i only climbed out to snap this shot.
  saturday morning christine came by to photograph eden's nursery for a fun blog she is working on.  while she snapped away i played with sloane.  sloane was born a year almost to the day before eden.  sloane was among the very first visitors in the hospital when eden was born. and i visited sloane in the hospital when she was born.  ive reveled in the joy of watching her grow into a little lady.  sloane is the cutest little asian baby ive even encountered. she babbled away happily while we built, knocked over, and rebuilt this tower multiple times.  she brought a breath of fresh air sunshine in with her.  it was that day that makes you think winter is over, but then you get more snow the next week...arrrrggggg.
when eden woke up from her nap she felt the sunshine calling her.  its like she wanted to stay by the open door and bask in the relative warmth of a sunny day.  i feel ya girl.  
i resolve that this will be my last post about anything cold-related.  cause it will be spring on thursday!!!


  1. those pictures of eden yearning for the sunlight outdoors is the best. and i love the ones you captured of sloane! can you email me some of them?


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