Delight Driven

I go to a fantastic church.  Its really just amazing.  And its not amazing because of the building (its an elementary school) and its not amazing because of the programs we run, and its not even amazing because of the music (thought that usually is pretty awesome).  It amazing because I get punched in the face nearly every week with the truth of the Gospel.  We don't do self-help.  We don't really even do topical series, we just go through a book of the Bible at a time, and deal with everything in the scriptures head on.  Sunday was no exception.  If you have time, I encourage you to listen here.

Anyways, we are learning about how a real possession of transforming faith will produce delight-driven obedience.  Our pastor Robert used this quote this Sunday and it stuck with me and has made an impact on my heart in the last few days. 

 "The commands of God are no more burdensome to a Christian than wings are to a bird. They are the means by which we live in freedom and fulfillment, as God meant us to." - David Jackman

"Religion" in our world emphasizes that in order to be good, we just have to act good.  This is why we have so many people trying act like Christians, who are not really the children of God.  The multitudes masquerade as believers, but their hearts are in opposition to God.  Because its not about your actions alone...its about the reason for your actions.

Obedience is not an obligation.  It is not a chore.  When we properly understand what we have been freed from, obedience is a gratitude-based response to the graciousness of God.  It should be driven by delight and thankfulness.  

And I need to challenge myself daily that it should be a delight to obey my father.  And if it is is because somewhere along the line I have believed something false.  

I have believed that Jesus is not all I need.

I have believed that God does not really know what is best.

I have believed lies, and so I don't always enjoy obedience.

But, by the grace of God, I will get there...


  1. What a rich blessing you and Robert have received from union with the local Church there at Redemption Hill; I remember my experience at the church where you were attending in Kigali, and how I viewed that experience with mixed feelings: i) Gratitude that you had a committed body of believers to fellowship with, yet ii) concern that there wasn't as much mature gospel challenge from the pulpit as I desired for Rwanda's people. You and Robert will be well-positioned to promote that goal, should God lead you back to Kigali in His time... Love reading your blog...


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